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Filter HEF (Cabinet thermal  solutions)

Industrial Filter Fan Product Line

Delta high-efficiency filter (HEF) fans: high airflow filtration for modern industrial applications

Rated at IP54 and UL(NEMA) Type12, Delta HEF500 / HEF160 / HEF070 Series Industrial Filter Fans set a new bar in quality and system care.

Benefits of Delta High Efficiency Filter (HEF) Fans:
• Quick Installation and Tool-less Filter Maintenance
• Market Compatible Pin-to-Pin Cut-out Sizes
• Standard Rope Gasket Deployment
• High Air Pressure Output (up to 500 CFM)
• High Thermal Stability (Up to 100oC)
• Superb Moisture Resistance (Up to 100%)
• Impressive Dust Retention Capacity Up to 200 Pa (Filter mat-G3 up to 700 g/m2, G4 up to 750 g/m2)
• Filter Mat Quality Class G3/G4 and Fire Class F1 (DIN 53438)
• Safety Certifications Include UL 508 / Type12 Certification, IP54 Rating, and UV-resistance plastic standard

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